I was born in the Netherlands, but grew up in Curaçao, in The Dutch West Indies. Some of my songs are inspired by the lovely turquoise Caribbean Sea, and the sensation of feeling at home on the island.
Dorette Pauptit – Playa Kenepa Chiki – Curaçao
Back in Holland, I started to play guitar and wrote my first compositions. I studied English because I love to write lyrics in that rich and expressive language.
Dorette Pauptit – summer course songwriting – Bergen – Holland
Years later, I started a project I called OceanChild, with Lode de Roos from Westcoast Productions. I wanted to share my inspiration and songs with you, but also to experience co-creation and, ultimately, to release my own music.
Lode de Roos – Recording in his studio – Amsterdam
All songs have their own specific character. Therefore we invite those musicians who can feel into the atmosphere of each song. We feel specially blessed and inspired to work with the variety of talented musicians that give colour to our music.

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